Monday, November 28, 2005

On the Menu

Here is the list of all the recipes that is 'On the Menu' at Kay's Kitchen. This page will be continuously updated as Kay keeps trying new dishes at her stovetop. Feel free to try these recipes and you are welcome to post your comments. Please do not steal the pictures.

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Side dishes


International cooking

Non Vegetarian Cooking


Kongu Cuisine


Foodie's Hope said...

I broil Cauliflowerettes and potato cubes in the oven for making Alu Gobi.Tastes better than frying them in oil.
Thanks for posting about broiling.Enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kay!

i was searching for an authentic kurma recipe for porotta and tried ur restaurant style was xactly the one i was searching for..thanks a lot!

Pallavi said...

Hi Kay,

came here from the DMC... Your first post rings lots of bells in my mind. Gotto keep up with that exercise thingy... Great blog !