Monday, September 29, 2008

Wholewheat Bread with bran and sesame seeds!

Once in a while, some of the creative genes in my body wake up. I'd love to say, they wake up and dance! But to my horror, they just wake up and create a mess. In the kitchen. Now if only I can overlook the mess they make, then I'd say, some of those times resulted in some yummy things. But there was this instance where the creative genes woke up and left absolute no mess - just some yummy yummy goodness called bread! Made with wholewheat grains, wheat bran and sesame seeds. Ah!

The original recipe calls for 7 oz water and some milk powder. I took that and modified it with 8 oz milk in the first version I tried. By now, you all must have known that I'm no baker... If anybody has any questions about that, let me know. I'll send you some specially made hockey-pucks to prove that. I don't really know if the bread needs more liquid or flour. Or if a new recipe from that really good looking bread book will work or not.

But I know that I can confidently stick to my basic recipe, put everything in the bread machine and shut the door. This time, those creative genes wanted to add more milk... and some bran..and some sesame seeds.... I just closed my eyes and let those creative genes goto work. Well, The garbage chute isn't far after all. But I have to say that this resulted in an AWESOME super soft bread. I can't believe that it's a bran bread! I can't believe it is that soft!! I think I am addicted to this bread!!

Milk - 1 cup (8 oz) + 1 Tbsp warmed in microwave
Egg - 1 beaten lightly

Molasses - 1 Tbsp

Sugar - 1 Tbsp

Butter - 2 Tbsp
[Or Olive oil - 3 tbsp]
Whole Wheat bread flour - 3 cups [spooned in and leveled with a knife]

Wheat bran - 1/4 cup
Sesame seeds - 2 Tbsp

Sea salt - 1 1/2 tsp

Bread machine yeast - 2 tsp

Put everything together in the bread machine in the above order [or the order that works for your machine] and set it to Wholegrain setting. Ready to eat in about 4 hrs.
And oh, I'm very happy to send her [why, I mean the bread of course] off to the JFI-Wholegrain meet, to party all night with her fellow wholegrain friends. Thanks Suganya, for hosting this JFI. I totally believe in Wholegrains and their wholesome goodness and use them almost exclusively (except for that damn white rice!) I'm eagerly looking forward for the round up.


indosungod said...

Kay, every time you talk about bread, you are sending me that much closer to buying a bread machine. I can imagine the soft and oh so good bread.

Kay said...

Indo, That bread machine is a wonderful thing that happened to me recently. Can't recommend it highly enough.