Thursday, September 18, 2008

Get Preppy - Sprouts

Sprouted moth dal, ready to be frozen

Every time I make sprouts(just any beans), I make a large batch and freeze half of it. Comes in very handy later. I use it later in many dishes, like this one, stir fried with some spices. Sometimes I throw a handful in soups; or in green beans stir fry. I think I could even grind it and use it in adai or dosas or make pesaraddu. I squeeze out as much air as possible from the ziploc bag before freezing and use it within 3 weeks. Garbanzo bean sprouts can be used as an addition to curries or vegetables too.


indosungod said...

I am not fond of sprouts for some reason but I do realize it is a protein power house. In curries as opposed to salad probably can't tell the difference.

Kay said...

You don't like sprouts?? Noooooo! I LOVE sprouts! Esp. garbanzo beans... You know, you could come and visit me. I could try to change that not-fond-of-sprouts bit. lol..

Malar Gandhi said...

Love sprouts....I even make sprouts with 'kollu'. Nice idea to freeze them.

Thanks for those lovely comments in my blog, dear. Wish you blog have lots of hidden treasure(from ur mom + urself).

Kay said...

Thanks Malar! You make my day, everytime, you visit me here! :)

I'll be back to bloging sometime soon... right now, I'm very busy with something... hope to be back soon.

DV said...

Hi Kay,

Is this the same as green gram sprouts? If not, can I substitute sprouted green gram dal in this recipe of yours.

Your idea of saving curry leaves by freezing them is very good. I'm gonna try that method!

I'm a budding cook and I blog here -


Kay said...

DV, this is not green gram sprouts.. It is called Naripayar in Tamil and Moth in Hindi.

I have sprouted green moong beans with great success as well. Moth and moong have never gone wrong for me. And yes, you can freeze any sprouts.

DV said...

Thanks, Kay! Let me hunt for naripayar in Singapore!