Tuesday, August 12, 2008

100% WholeWheat bread - No added gluten flour

Some of you must have read about my really poor baking skills in comments sections of many posts by skilled bakers. I had almost given up on breads until I found out about bread machines. :) Obviously I was thrilled, when a friend of ours gave us her Bread machine before she moved. I scoured the net for all types of interesting recipes to use in the bread machine. One such winner is this 100% wholewheat bread, even without added gluten that many recipes as for. I do not like to use milk powder in my recipes, so I used milk instead. [Do not use the timer feature for delayed bread making, with fresh milk.] You can use butter or extra virgin olive oil in the recipe. I've tried both and I like them both.

Like Megan says, it is not crumbly or dense and is pretty light for a 100% Wholewheat bread. And yes, it slices beautifully. My 21 month old DD loves it and can't keep her hands off it. While it stays fresh for more days, I found that it is even better on the second day or third or fourth than when eaten fresh. I keep it sealed in a big ziploc bag and leave it on the kitchen counter.

After eating homemade bread, I don't like the store bought sliced bread anymore. Too spoilt, am I??

100% Wholewheat Bread, without added gluten flour

Milk - 1 cup (8 oz) warmed in microwave
Egg - 1, beaten lightly
Molasses - 1 Tbsp
Sugar - 1 Tbsp
Butter - 2 Tbsp (or olive oil - 3 tbsp)
Whole Wheat bread flour - 3 1/4 cups
Sea salt - 1 1/2 tsp (or table salt)
Rapid rise/Bread machine yeast - 2 tsp

Put them in the pan and set it inside the bread machine. Use the wholewheat cycle and bake. Mine took 4.10 hrs. Enjoy! As simple as that.

ETA: I've increased the milk to 8 oz + 1 tbsp these days. It results in an even softer and taller loaf.


RP said...

The bread looks very professional, Kay! Exactly like the store bought ones. I haven't tried anything other than the banana nut bread, blueberry bread etc. I don't have a bread machine either.
Wow, and your little M has grown up enough to pose for you. Great! Did she enjoy the bread too?

indosungod said...

Kay, thats is the wonderful smell I was getting? Little M realizes she is onto something delicious :) That is a wonderful loaf of bread. Read that bread is the worst as far as additives goes so being hooked on fresh bread is a good thing.

Kay said...

Yeah RP, I was very surprised to see it come out so good. Thanks!
M loved the bread, esp. with some raspberry jam that I made the other day.

Thanks Indo, yeah, I read that somewhere too. Have you noticed that store bought bread never gets spoiled even sitting outside so long?? I was shocked!

madteaparty said...

You're right - fresh homemade bread and store bought one are two different animals altogether!

Kitchen Flavours said...

The bread looks gr8. Really there is a gr8 difference between homemade and store breads.

Kay said...

Thanks Anita and Kitchen flavors!

Divya said...

Hey Kay, thanks for visiting my blog! I am pretty new to the blogging world. I love your blog as well. I think we share the same "healthy cooking and living" lifestyle, and I am soo happy you found me! :)

I visited your live, love, workout blog as well... pretty consistent with your journal I see. I tried doing it--- pinning up the journal on the fridge and writing down what I eat, it was a very good idea, but somehow after moving I did not follow through! Should start it soon.
I love working out as well... try to do it everyday but I am not as good as you are... I cannot seem to reach beyond 30min a day mark,

Another small note...I love love the tiny little hands on the bread, very adorable.

Kay said...

Thanks and You are welcome, Divya! Happy to have found you! :)

I used a notebook journal too - 4-5 yrs ago. it didn't last very long. bu t it did help a bit. Posting it for everybody to see gives me a kind of obligation or a feeling of deadline that I have to meet. Self-put pressure? It seems to work so far!


I ran out of gluten flour and went looking for wholemeal bread without gluten.... I found yours.....What a nice bread... I think I will give Gluten the flick... and yep... I never buy bread anymore... its like eating cardboard after home made :)

Kay said...

Ladyviper, glad you like it! :)

Megan O'Neil said...

Hi Kay

Glad you liked the bread! It's by far my favourite recipe for whole-wheat bread - I think it's the egg in it that makes it rise so nicely. I have a hard time with bread myself, and was really happy to get the bread machine from my aunt.

Your site is gorgeous!


Kay said...

Thanks Megan!!! All 3 of us at home love this bread!!!

Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

Hi Kay,

I like printing out recipes so I can look at them on the counter (I really want to try your 100% ww bread!), but can't get it to let me highlight and copy it so I can print...

Maybe I'm doing something wrong...


Kay said...

Kelly, I had disabled it in my template at a time when there was lot of plagiarism going around.

I've removed it now and you should be able to highlight and copy down the recipe.

Kitchenmate said...

Kay: Any suggestions for bread machine? brand and other feature that one should notice b4 buying? I asked the same question to paati.. planning to invest in one, paati is tempting me with all those baked goodies ;)

Kay said...

KM, I have a really old model, these modern day machines are very good. Most of the new ones even make jam. You can also use the dough mode to make chapathi dough but do the kneading it for lesser mins - say 8-10 mins.

Zojirushi (spelling?), I hear, makes the BEST bread machine. A bit more expensive. You can call it the Mercedes of Bread machines... A black and decker or sunbeam costs much less and does a decent job. In Toronto, you can get a B&D on sale for $50. So, it might be even cheaper in the US.

elricha2 said...

Ok...I've tried two batches and can't seem to get this to come out right. Both times, the bread has not risen correctly, resulting in a very dense (like a dense cornbread texture) loaf. I used 1 cup + 1 tablespoon milk, warmed in the microwave for 3 minutes. I used 3 tablespoons olive oil, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons molasses. Then, on top of the wet ingredients, I added 3.25 cups white whole wheat flour, the sugar, and the salt...made a well for the yeast, and added one packet of active dry yeast. Then, I set the machine for whole wheat (once with medium crust, once with light). Time was about 3:48 or so. When it bakes, it just sinks in the middle and the texture is like a dense cornbread. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?