Friday, December 09, 2005

Pilates to go!

I love working out. It gives me such a high and makes me feel good. Scientists say that it must be all the endophins released. But I don't really care. I feel happy at the end of a work out. And I become more healthier, stronger and more confident. And I look good. Do I need anymore reasons?

But I've been slacking for past few months... Call it laziness with a big L! Once in a while, I get all motivated and bring out one of my fitness DVDs and do it for an hour.. and then forget about it the very next day... Ever since I started writing in this blog, since this journal is all about making tomorrow better, healthier, wealthier, wiser and more peaceful, I've been thinking about getting back on my exercise routine too. For past two weeks, I've been doing Pilates at home, by following a DVD.. So far, 4 days of exercise per week has been the norm. From the coming week onwards, I'm gearing towards 5 workouts every week. Since I seem to be on a Pilates phase, these are two DVDs I've been working out. - Jennifer Kries Pilates Perfect Mix - Great for toning all over. I am becoming aware of muscles I never thought I had. I like the second workout metabolic booster. I like to workout for a solid 40 mins, so I do the Metabolic Booster routine twice. Shelly Mcdonald's Caribean Workout - Pilates is almost a beginner or an Advanced beginner's Pilates workout. but I find it wonderful for toning abs.


Anonymous said...


did you loose weight after doing pilates. how fast it is. which dvd is best one to loose weight.
thanks. take care.

Kay said...

Hi! Yep, I did lose some weight using Pilates. But more has to be said about the way it lengthened my body. If you are looking for long, lean body, Pilates is the way to go.

I would suggest you take initial few lessons from a trained pilates instructor and then buy a dvd like the one I mentioned or even the windsor pilates one and try it at home. Like yoga, it's mainly the posture that's important and a good instructor can help you with that one.


Akruthi Maybe said...

Thanks kay. I bought the Shelly Mcdonald's Caribbean Workout pilates and pilates plus. Hope to start from next week. I have to loose atleast 15 pounds to 25 pounds. Lets see how it helps. Before christmas i have to look slim. Any weight loosing tips is welcome. Thanks.Take care. bye.

Kay said...

akruthi, that's a beginner workout - so you shouldnt have much problem. If you can couple it with brisk walking for 30 mins everyday and cut down on cooking oil and grease (butter, donuts, pizza etc), I'd say you are right on your way!!! Goodluck!