Sunday, December 11, 2005

An All-Weather Feathered friend

This is the first friend who visited me welcoming me to this neighbohood, when we first moved into this apartment. I was so happy to see him. I think it's a he. I call him Mr.Red Bird. He visits me on all weathers - Rain or Shine. I've seen Mr.Red Bird sitting by the balcony on sunniest days, rainiest days and coldest days. I want to welcome him into my house but lo! He flies away at the first sound of the door opening for him... Sometimes he brings his Mrs. too. She looks a lot like him, but with more greys and less of this bright red color. Mr and Mrs. Red Birds are the most wonderful couple I've met so far. They keep teasing one another or chasing one another and it is such a delight to watch them together. Sometimes, they sit side by side, very quietly, soaking in the silence around them. Reminds me of the quote 'True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable'. These two are a very camera shy pair. They somehow, always seem to know that a camera is lurking somewhere nearby, ready to click their picture and fly right one second before the camera goes 'click'. Maybe someday, I'll be able to take a picture of them together. Until then, these are the two pictures that will remind of these wonderful birds that visit me often.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kay,
I am not a blogger but since the time have seen this site, have been addicted to it. I am always checking out recipes. Since I'm working and also hv a kid, I dont get time to prepare everything. But since the time I was in college, I've got a habit of collecting recipes. Maybe I'll cook everything once I become a grandma... ha ha ha.
Anyways, I never comment (cause i dont get much time) but today I wanted to after I saw/read this article. Your photo of the tree and the cute little red bird was amazing..and surprising.... surprising cause I have almost exactly the same photo which I clicked and for a second I thought you clicked the photo from the same place where I was.. then I checked that you are in canada. I was staying in an apt. in North Carolina and this red bird (same one like in the photo) used to come and sit on this tree every morning and I used to look at him every morning and he used to fly off after sometime (even I used to think of it as him). So ur photo reminded me of my times in north carolina.. how sweet!