Monday, March 20, 2006

What's going on?

I don't get it! I used to eat very healthy before this whole pregnancy thing started - Tons of Greens, Loads of Veggies, Wholewheat rotis, Smoothies loaded with fruits, etc etc etc... But since January, I couldnt eat anything because of the morning sickness and the feeling of no-appetite. Everything seemed tasteless, I guess this is what happens during the first trimester. I understand this part.

What I don't understand is - Now that my morning sickness has settled down a bit, I almost feel hungry once in a while. But I am craving for junk!!! Potato chips like Lays, Dorritos, the noodles from Ramen/Maruchan - all these darn things have MSG/Ajinomotto in them! and plenty of other crap! And as they say, 'No one can eat just one'. Ofcourse, to my credit, I missed the MSG part while I was at the stores. But that is no excuse! Even after I read it, I'm craving for these darn things. Before December, I wouldn't have touched them even with a 3 foot pole. But now, I BUY AND EAT!!! This is just plain crazy. The bulk of these chips and stuff will eventually end up at dear husband's office. But, Why am I craving junk? Any scientific reasons or is it just some pregnancy - psyco/emotional stuff?

Anybody else went through this?
And are there any oriental soup recipes out there that has noodles, shrimp/chicken flavor etc but without any chemicals and stuff ? (I'm so embarrased to admit, that I'm looking to imitate that noodle soup that is the end product of $1 chinese cup-o-noodles thingie from Maruchan.)
Thanks guys for your immediate help! I needed it! As of this moment, I've got rid of all junk foods in the house. Ofcourse, I ate one last bowl of that darn maruchan (once -last week and once today! That's all. Hope it doesn't do any harm) before I got rid of everything else. Mr.Bee was more than glad to pack away all those pringles, chips and crap to his office. I'm so glad I had poor appetite and I didn't pig out on any of those crap.. I'm not planning to buy them anymore... My resolve slipped through one small crack based on the cravings caused by this pregnancy! I won't let it happen again. Thanks for warning/scaring me enough! LOL I really needed this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kay,

When I started reading your blog, I couldn't beleive there was someone else going through the same thing I went through. I'm in my fifth month now, but until a week ago I had the same problem. I just could not bring myself to eat anything that would even be remotely good for me and the baby. I developed habits I never imagined I could pick up. I'm used to eating very healty, tons of fruits and vegetables. Well, maybe an occasional brownie or a scoop of icecream. But here I was drinking ginger ale (even the diet ones have tons of sodium) to keep myself from throwing up, drinking lemonade (comes with sugar ofcourse) etc. I practically lived on mashed potatoes for 3 months. It was and still is pretty tough as I still can't stand the smell of Indian food cooking, escpecially with onion and garlic. No surprise most of the recipes I'm used to start out with those ingredients :( But I found that I could handle a few things like carrots, bananas and anything my friends cooked. I was lucky enough to have good friends who called us over for dinner on most weekends. I just could not keep down the food me or my husband ventured to make. Hang in there, pretty soon you'll be holding a lovely baby in your arms having forgotten all about these nasty symptoms of early pregnancy.


Tina Jennifer D'Silva said...

Hey Kay... This is nothing different from what I went thru. I went thru nausea all 4 months. I could not even stand the smell of food cooking in the kitchen. After the nausea part was over... the remaining phase was covered eating a lot of choclates, chips & hotel food. It only hit my head when the sugar in my glucose test showed high & then I got mad at eating healthy, well-balanced diet. Dont worry.. enjoy ur pregnancy... u will see a change in ur likes & dislikes at every phase.

BDSN said...

Hey Kay I havent gone thru pregnancy thing but i can suggest a good place for soups..Try Panera Bread..They have the best veggie soups..Try Vegetarian Fiesta Con Queso soup...I have the recipe for it..If you want i can mail it..

Annita said...

Hi Kay,
Even i went thru the same.I was very fond of junk after 5 months and stoped eating all veggies and fruits..I guess its just emotional..But never never do it..Now its 2 years after deliver,and i'm still strugling to lose weight..Also now i'm diagnosed with gall stones which is an end product of all those fatty food cravings..
So ..pls don't do it..Drink as many glass of water you like,when you feel such craving...and do not buy these stuffs at home..

Luv2cook said...

Hi Kay:

Don't mean to be out of place but I couldn't stop laughing after reading your post. Have you tried the good old comforting chicken noodle soup with some chinese/Asian noodles in it instead of the egg noodles with some chinese flavorings?

If you don't want the actual chicken pieces and the veggies etc, you could just try buying some organic/low-sodium chicken broth (or try to make it your own) and just add the chinese/Asian noodles with some Asian flavorings - rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame seed oil etc?

veena said...

hi kay,

i went through this to, lot of morning sickness, until 5th mth,even admitted in emergencey room, cuse, i was not even able to hold one meal, as fr junk foods i used to crave for chips and indian sweets, hated the smell of vegetbles and fruits, when they did a blood test in the 5 mth, i was anemic [low iron] that is when my husband took control, no more junk foods in home, instead of eating sweet , i used to eat fruit. and i also read in a book[ what to expect when your pregent]that my baby will know the taste of foods, so if i eat all those veggies , my kid will like them to, when he or she is big, its true my 13 mth eats all vegies and fruits,even bittermelon, so u sould redirect your cravings, like fruit instead of sweet, veggie chips insted of those orange ones
your cravings might be due to yur longing for your mother's cooking, drink lot of water and juice, you might like soup caue, you might be in need of water. i hope, this comment will help you in some way, take care.

Immigrant in Canada said...

I hv three kids, gone through what you are going through 3 times!!!!.. I was 82 kg at the time of delivery.( normal is 52kg).I ate a lot of jumk food, basically it is a high energy diet. Don't worry. It is normal. Do eat fish if you can.. Don 't worry about weight gain and don't worry about the diet.Just enjoy your pregnancy.

Kay said...

Thanks everybody for your incredible support! I'm overwhelmed. :) I've got rid of all the junk food at home now.

Thanks Manisha, Yours sound worse than mine.. I can't eat western food, but Indian food just gets in fine, in small quantities. I wish you a happy and safe pregnancy, too! I don't drink sodas, but I once in a while, drink lemon juice witha pinch of salt. This seems to help me. I'll post a carrot salad soon, I LOVE it these days.. Maybe it might help you, too. Hubby's food gets in just fine and I'm staring to cook again these days.

Thanks Tina, I can understand about that blood glucose part. Two of my friends went through that. Hotel foods and chocolates don't call for for me me right now, but you never know what more cravings this pregnancy will bring tomorrow! Thanks buddy!

Thanks BDSN, I'll try the soups there. Yep, do email me the recipe if you have it.

Annita, I'm sorry about the gallstones part... That's sad. Are you drinking filtered water at home? A friend's friend got that because of the impurities in water... My mother also had gall stones and underwent a surgery 2 yrs back. Hope you get well soon. I'll take your advice about the junk food. I guess it's emotional, too. Now that I've got rid of those stuff, I don't crave for them anymore. It was a one time impulsive buy.. I won't buy them anymore. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

Thanks Luv2cook, My DH was laughing about my cravings too... Who'd have thought a health food freak (you can call me that!) is craving for junk? :) LOL... Oh! I don't mind eating chicken and veggies now, It was just that I was craving for chinese kinda soups - the flavor, you know! I'll try the recipe as you said.

Thanks Veena, I hope you are okay now. Luckily, I haven't been anemic and my blood tests came out normal but my sister is anemic... So I can understand that. Poor you! It must have been a big shock to know you were anemic, when the results of the blood test came. You scare me when you say 'the child knows the taste of the food'... Argh! I don't want my child asking for coke and chips for it's first meal! :( Seriously, if the kid will like whatever I eat during pregnancy, I really don't mind eating even that darn Karela. My husband loves it and wants the kid not to be picky like me! ;) Thanks again!

Santhi said...

You sound like me when i was pregnany!!!!!!!!

I CRAVED tacobell food through out my pregnancy. Can you believe it??
I could not help it. I HAD to eat chalupas every other day. Otherwise I had MAJOR mood swings and would pick fights with hubby dear.
All my friends would say that I should name my daughter "Nacho Cheese Chalupa" :):)

Its a phase and looks like you are alreday over it.
Take it easy and even if you crave junk try to eat in small amounts to satisfy the craving.

Everyone else reading this, donr beat me up for telling her to eat junk.....:):)

Kay said...

Thanks Immigrant-in-Canada, That's good news to hear! I guess I woul;dnt have to beat myself about the damage already done! Oh, btw, I'll be an immigrant in Canada in 10 days! :)

Thanks Santhi, Say my hi to "Nacho Cheese Chalupa" :) LOL I'm glad it's ok to binge occasionally, but yes, I'll take care not to go overboard.

This post and the comments I've received have helped me stabilise myself. Thanks!

preetha said...

congrats kay. eating healthy is best during pregnancy and after that you can enjoy with ur baby, as she will be asking for ice cream too. you can have a spoon, isn't it.;)

*Is anybody happened to be overweight before pregnancy. i am trying to loose weight before pregnancy as i have underactive thyroid it is very hard to loose weight. your comments will be helpful. thanks. bye.

Kay said...

Dear Preetha, Where do you live? In US or India?
The best idea would be to see a doctor and work on your hypothyroidism first.

And along with your medication, you must also take charge of your diet to exclude artifical harmones etc with consultation with your doctor.

Also, you can ask your doctor about the exercises that you can do and the intensity and the duration of exercises.

These 3 would surely help, IMHO.

Also, you can google 'hypothyroidism pregnancy" and research for yourself about the diet/exercise that can help you, but I can't stress the importance of a well qualified doctor here.

You can also checkout, at your local library.
1. Living Well with Hypothyroidism, by Mary Shomon
2. Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness,by Broda Barnes, M.D. and Lawrence Gaston

Hope that helps!