Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Seven Meme

Thanks Tina, for tagging me!

7 Things to Do Before I Die: I have a million things to do before I die. :)

1. Sky diving (Rappelling, Bunjee jumping and white water rafting have been done! yayy!)
2. Learn to swim (My Dad tried to teach me when I was 6. I didn't learn because of a stupid dream. I'm 'still' learning to swim.)
3. Learn a self defense technique (like Karate)
4. Make my own soaps and body lotions for myself (all natural, organic with no synthetic chemicals!)
5. Go on a long trip on my own (Just me and my backpack! I love travelling with people, sometimes I just want to do some trips like this on my own.... say, a journey of self discovery?)
6. Visit a long list of places (Australia, Srilanka, Thailand, South Africa, Andaman and Nicobar and many other places)
7. Stay in a tribal reserve area for a few days and learn about the way they live (needing so less and living harmoniously)

7 Things I Cannot Do (or things I do NOT enjoy doing):

1. Start something and finish it right away. (I always always stop in the middle, very rarely coming back and finishing what I started. Bad, Bad habit!)
2. Gossiping (Not me!)
3. Calculating one's worth based on monetary things
4. Sleeping during the day (unless I'm not well)
5. Deep frying food
6. Cooking in bulk once and eating that everyday of the following week (Argh! No, Moi wants fresh food and in variety!)
7. Big Parties (Dont even think of inviting me if it's a booze party, please!)

7 Things that Attracted Me to Blogging:

1. Wants me to keep trying new dishes
2. A journal to help me make everyday better than yesterday (I try!)
3. Meeting new people
4. Learning new things from other bloggers and visitors
5. Keeping in touch with a few friends through my blog
6. So that I can come back and see how far I've come from where I started
7. That thing called love for food!

7 Things I Say Most Often:

1. 'Ouch!'
2. 'It depends'
3. 'Wow'
4. 'That's nice' / That's sweet /That's beautiful /etc
5. 'Really?'
6. 'Hmmmmmmmm'
7. 'Maybe you are right........ Maybe, not'

7 Books I Love:

1. A book that my mother gave me when I was 2 yrs old (Had the most interesting stories of animals, a single page illustration for each story. Kindled our imagination for the first time.)
2. Polyanna
3. All Enyd Blyton books (Unfortunatley, these arent available in US. I feel sad for these children)
4. The Alchemist
5. What not to wear I & II - Trinny and Susannah
6. The Bridge across Forever
7. Historical novels by Saandilyan (Transports me to those days and it feels like I'm a trespassing bystander to all those happening in the novel!)

7 Movies I Watch Over and Over:

1. Scent of a woman
2. Gods must be crazy I & II
3. Sound of Music
4. Men of Honor
5. Life is Beautiful
6. Amelie
7. The Lord of the Rings

7 Bloggers I’m Tagging:

1. Priya
2. Indira
3. Garam Masala
4. Sailu
5. Mika
6. Chaipani
7. Salt and Pepper


Indira said...

Kay, thanks for tagging me and leaving a comment in my blog.

I am going to pass on this meme, because I'm not that fond of making lists.

Sorry and I hope you don't mind!

I also share some of your list things like not liking old food, gossip thing, not able to sleep during day time.

Kay said...

Not at all, Indira. It was purely optional.

gini said...

Kay...Thank u so much for showing how to make filter coffee...You made my day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your '7 things I cannot do' lists says that you are a perfectionist or something. Dont you like doing anything offbeat or something that is not very commonly acceptable?

sailu said...

Thanks for tagging me,Kay.
Sound of Music and Life is Beautiful are my fav's too.And,yes,gossip puts me off too..:)

Kay said...

Gini, You are welcome!

Anonymous, well, the first one in the 'Can't to' list says 'I'm not a perfectionist'. And everything else in the list - no gossip, no big time partying, not equating people's worth to their money.. This should tell that 'I have an offbeat persona'. :)

You are welcome, Sailu!

Mika said...

Hi Kay- I know you have tagged me but it will take sometime:-).

Do send me your email to I have a few questions about your suggestions to deal with my blog problems.

Mika said...

Hi Kay- your first solution to change to a new template worked. Thanks a million!

Kay said...

That's wonderful to hear, Mika! Glad to be of help.

Lera said...

Kay it was Nice reading your Meme! I would say we have some of the things in common,under things I don't enjoy doing...

MM said...

Hi Kay, thanks so much for visiting my site! You had a dream about swimming which caused you to have a problem learning how to swim properly?

When I was born, my grandmother had a fortune teller read my fortune and that person predicted I will die by drowning. My grandmother was in such a panic she never let me near water but I defied her by going swimming anyway. Until I almost drowned when I was 16. That gave me a phobia which I still have not kicked today. How weird huh?

Kay said...

Yayyy! Glad to share some common list with Indira, Sailu and Lera.

Yes Mana, I had a weird dream that had to do with the huge well (from the farm) we went swimming and millions of colorful snakes. :( I have since discovered that I dont have a water phobia, but somehow swimming is not easy for me to learn. My husband also shares a similar story like yours (fortune teller, prediction, drowning and the fear).