Saturday, November 04, 2006

Jihva for Jaggery

Indira of Mahanandi's 'Jihva for Ingredients' have been going on since May 2006. And it's my pleasure to host this for the month of December. December has always been my favorite month. It is my birth month and I've noticed a heightened sense of happiness and excitement during this month even after my birthday. That's why I decided to host 'Jihva' for December.

What is Jihvā ? (In Indira's words)
Jihvā, the Sanskrit word means taste, desire and deep longing. This powerful word also represents tongue and taste buds.

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For the month of December, I chose 'Jaggery' as the Ingredient. It is also called gur/gud/vellam/bellam etc. It is a very healthy sweetener (and my favorite too) that has wonderful health benefits.

Rules (and a request at the end):
1. The recipe needs to have jaggery in it.
2. Post it on your blog on Dec 1, 2006.
3. Send me an email (tabtomorrow AT gmail DOT com) - the link to your post and a photo of the entry in 75 x 75 pixel size, within a day or two after posting it.
4. Please include the title of post and your blog name.
5. A Request: Now, here's a request from me. It's not one of the rules, but just to make the event more exciting, Can we please try a recipe that we've never tried before? It could be a recipe you've heard or read before and always wanted to try or a new recipe that you've just invented. Well, This is purely optional ofcourse.

I'll do the roundup of all the entries that I receive, by Dec 7, 2006.